Ep1: About The Podcast

The Podcast:
The How To Podcast on WordPress.com Podcast

WordPress.com is not a secret.
Podcasting is not a secret.
It almost seems as though podcasting on WordPress.com is a secret.

The Secret is Out!

Welcome to Episode 1 of:
The How To Podcast on WordPress.com Podcast

  1. My name is Mike Murphy and this is the podcast about the step by step guide to setting up a podcast and website on WordPress.com that I recently published on the Amazon Kindle Store.
  2. The secret is out about just how affordable, reliable and flexible podcast hosting really is on WordPress.com.
  3. This podcast is the audio companion to the eBook and will provide an overview and behind the scenes view of the guide and tutorial.
  4. This podcast will walk you through the guide to make it easier to follow and will also include tips and tricks and tidbits that will either help you in podcasting or pull from the material that did not make the final draft.
  5. This podcast was launched by following the steps in the tutorial and can be found in all of the major podcast directories and be sure to subscribe to it on your favorite pod-catcher to get automatic updates of new episodes.

The podcast and all show notes can be found on the WordPress.com website howtopodcastonwordpress.com which was also created following the guide.

The Book: How To Podcast on WordPresss.com

This eBook is a start-to-finish comprehensive guide and tutorial on how to setup and launch a podcast and website using WordPress.com.

I wrote this guide to raise awareness of WordPresss.com as an affordable and reliable podcasting and website hosting option for both new and experienced podcasters and to walk you step-by-step through the process of setting up a podcast and website on WordPress.com. It’s the missing tutorial.

The organization of the guide is simple:

In the intro section
you learn a little about me, Mike Murphy

Part 1 The Why:
Why should you care about this tool and guide I am sharing?

This is a big why: Why should you consider using WordPress.com as a podcasting & website hosting solution
What is the story behind why I wrote the guide (FYI, it’s a pretty good story)?

Part 2 The What:
What is this Tool I am Teaching about and what does it do?
What is WordPress
What is the difference between WordPress.com & WordPress.org
What is a Media Host?
What does it cost to use WordPress.com as a podcast & website host?

Part 3 The Tutorial (The How)
How do you use it?
This is the heart of the book and the main content.
I take you from signing up for WordPress.com to the very end where your podcast is live on Apple Podcasts/iTunes and you share your voice with the world

Part 4: Post-Launch Steps:
What next?
What do you do after your podcast goes live?
You how to submit your podcast to other podcast directories besides Apple iTunes.
How to monetize and recoup some of the investment of producing a podcast
How to get the word out about your podcast.

Part 5: The Library:
Get smarter.
This is more helpful resources and documentation about podcasting as well as links to the free downloads and resources included with the book.

The Guide is available now on Amazon and it would mean the world to me if you purchased a digital copy and spread the word. I would also love your comments and feedback so you can email me at mike@mikemurphy.co with questions or comments or to just say hey.


Visit howtopodcast.com for free resources, gear guides and more.



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